5 Reasons All Girlfriends Need A Girls Weekend

Last year my girlfriends and I had a girls weekend and afterwards, we return home revitalized and hopefully, better and more appreciative wives. Every group of girlfriends needs a girls weekend because after hours of laughter, tears, talking, and sharing life experiences, the friendship you share will have grown stronger than ever before. Specifically here are the top 5 reasons why all girlfriends need a girls weekend:

girls weekend

1. Girls Weekend Is Fun

A Girls Weekend helps you relax and forget about the day to day responsibilities that you have at work and at home. Our Saturday was packed with entertainment fit for the warfare theme we gave our weekend retreat. After breakfast, we got out of our comfort zone of chick flick movies and went to watch American Sniper. The movie was touching but it kicked our adrenaline up so we were starving when we left the movie theatre.

We headed to Burger Warfare for a manly burger. Once our bellies were full, we winded down at Calibers shooting range to polish our gun handling skills…. What a typical girls’ weekend!

As the sun was setting over a memorable day, we returned to my house, where we all slept for the weekend. While sitting around my kitchen table to rest our tired bodies, me and my girlfriends were smiling and having the time of our lives. We were having fun!

2. Girls Weekend Strengthens Your Friendship

After a weekend together my girlfriends and I grow closer to one another than ever before. During the weekend, we did a series of exercises regarding our marriage. For instance, for one of the exercises each of us wrote down a word or a sentence about each other’s marriage. Then we went around the table sharing with the group what we wrote down…

Only a close group of girlfriends could go through such an exercise without hurt feelings or even worse, hair pulling and flipping tables. Should anything negative be said about someone else’s marriage, we know it would come from a good heart and is intended as good advice.

girls weekendFor example, Jodi shared that she viewed my marriage as honest but she added that should would like to see more affection (I have to ask her what she meant by wanting to see more affection because I think my marriage has plenty of affection… hmmm). In return I said that Jodi’s marriage comes across to me as both ideal and idealistic. Those statements can be strong but I’ve always appreciated Jodi’s advice and I think she has always appreciated my advice.

girls weekend3. Girls Weekend Improves Your Marriage

As mentioned above we engaged in a series of brainstorming exercises about our marriage. First we wrote down on a piece of paper things we liked about our marriage and our husband. My first thing on the list was “blue eyes.” Then we wrote down areas we want to see growth and improvement. My first thing down was “money” because both me and my husband always want more money.

Lastly we wrote down what we considered were the assets or the positives we brought into the marriage. I said that the positives I brought to my marriage were: looks, companionship, patience and a non-confrontational personality.

After each section, we went around the table and shared what we wrote down. It was a wonderful exercise to help us understand our marriage better but to also hear what other women experienced inside their home life. Sometimes the best way to learn is by learning of your friends’ experiences.

girls weekend4. Girls Weekend Has the Element of Surprise

The surprising star of this girls weekend was essential oils. On Friday night, Elizabeth arrived at my house with a little baggie full with 20 some different essential oils that she uses on a daily basis. Initially I had somewhat of an interest but by the end of the weekend I was eager to pay Elizabeth $20 for her half empty tiny bottle of grapefruit oil.

Throughout the day Elizabeth used her essential oils to cure a rare but terrible headache that Jean had, a foot cramp I got from high heels and a tight muscle in my neck. Elizabeth really got my attention was when she explained that grapefruit oil was an appetite suppressant!!! That’s when I took my wallet and I was ready to buy. Now I’m using essential oils on a daily basis to help me fall asleep, suppress my appetite and alleviate sore muscles from working out.

girls weekend5. Girls Weekend Breeds Happiness

When the weekend was over and everybody left home, Jodi sent this text all the ladies: “I love you ladies and had so much fun yesterday!! I almost started to cry in the car because I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful group of girlfriends!!” The weekend left all of us with a sense of happiness and thankfulness to have one another. When all the ladies left my house, I went to straighten out my bedroom and I had a persistent smile on my face and a deep feeling of happiness and contentment in my heart. I felt blessed. I was happy!

My girlfriends and I will have another girls weekend next year but we are already planning for it. We have been brainstorming for ideas and I think we already have the theme and some possible activities. All girlfriends need to have a yearly girls weekend so send a text or Facebook message to your girlfriends and start planning. I would love to hear your ideas and your girls weekend experience.

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© Isabella Adkins – 2016

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