Marisol – Restaurant Review

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I had an amazing dinner, one of the best dinners we had in a long time, at Marisol. For years we have heard people talk about how great the food was at Marisol but we have never made it there until one night for our date night. Marisol

In addition to the set menu, Marisol features an extensive seasonal unwritten menu. After my husband and I looked over the menu and listened to the night specials, I was having a hard time deciding because too many things sounded so appetizing! I finally decided to start with the lobster for my appetizer. The lobster, served over polenta, was so delicious and full of flavor!Marisol

For my entree I had the grilled veal chop thinking that I would take about half of it to go since I also has an appetizer. The veal, served with sweet potatoes, asparagus and a marsala sauce, was so delicious that I ate 90 % of it. The flavor was perfection and it was cooked just right! Just looking at the picture now, I still remember what a delicious meal the grilled veal was!Marisol

For dessert I was tempted by the bread pudding but, since I already had such a big dinner, I was looking for something lighter. I decided to have the key lime panna cotta. The dessert, just like the rest of the dinner, was yummy! It was sweet but not too sweet and light enough that I ate half of it.

My husband and I are looking forward to going back at Marisol. This is our new favorite spot for dinner and are planning to take our best friends there just this week. I’m also thinking of my husband and I spending anniversaries there and maybe New Years Eve because memorable food only makes special occasions that much more special.

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