I often used to say that my life is about what I want, what I need, what makes me happy. I was proud to be self-centered. However, one of the reasons God created us is for each of us to become the best person God intended for us to be. So God changed my life in such a way to make me realize that life is about what God wants, what God needs, what makes God happy. Today I am so grateful and humbled for God’s intervention to help me gain in wisdom.

God has been so good to me, watching over me and guiding me. He brought me out of Romania at the age of 20 to the land of the American Dream. At the age of 23, while on Match.com, God helped me meet my wonderful husband, who is amazingly my sole mate, the one God intended for me, and my life partner for better and for worse not until death do us apart but as my husband and I like to joke at times… into eternity.

The articles in this blog are my personal experiences. I hope you will find value and inspiration in my words. The stories I write change as I journey through life and, as hopefully, I continue to grow as a person. One thing though will never change and I stand by firmly: God created us with the purpose of giving him glory. As you journey through life, take your worries, your joys, your feelings, your questions, your desires, your plans and put them in front of God. Loose your life to God so you can find it.


Let me know if you have any inquiries! Thanks!