Can You Be Trusted around Chocolate?

Time to confess what happened last night at 2am…

It all started yesterday at noon when I went to Walgreens. I entered the drug store, walked straight to the chocolate isle and loaded up my shopping basket. I was feeling the guilt inside me but at the same time an intrinsic joy was making my heart beat so fast.

In an effort to ease my guilt, when I went to pay, I said to the check out clerk, “Can you bag my chocolate separate? I have to leave it in my car because I don’t trust myself bringing it into the house.” The checkout clerk bagged my chocolate in a separate bag and I left it the trunk of my car thinking what’s out of sight is out of mind.chocolate

My plan worked until last night at 2am. I was sleeping, when suddenly I hear a voice inside my head repeating over and over, “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.” I set myself to ignore it but the voice kept going. Finally I caved in to the voice, got out of bed, and started with determination towards the garage door. Chadwick, my dog, quickly followed me sensing something was out of the ordinary. Barefoot and in my night clothes I went into the garage, opened the truck of my car, untied the bag of chocolates, grabbed three bars and went back into my kitchen. I quickly opened one of them and as I started eating that delicious piece of chocolate, my back started sliding down my cabinet door until I sat down on the kitchen floor.

I sat there until I finished all the chocolate I brought with me from the trunk of my car. As I was enjoying every piece of heaven I remembered the M&M commercial saying, “She can’t be trusted around chocolate, she’ll devour it.” Oh, yes… I will devour it!”chocolate

Around 2:30am I headed back to bed feeling happy. I got in bed, stretched my legs and arms and fell back asleep.

Should I have been stronger and said “No” to temptation? I don’t know… but I know I’m only human and we all have moments of weakness. I can’t be trusted around chocolate! I also know that every person has their 2am weakness… so what is yours?

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© Isabella Adkins – 2016

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