Crafted The Art of Street Food – Restaurant Review

This past Friday night my husband and I went to Crafted the Art of Street Food for our date night. We were not terribly hungry, so ordered of the Snacks menu: my husband had the Roasted Garlic Hummus and I had the the Corndog and Poutine.

The restaurant is on a first come first serve basis but even though it was Friday night, we were fortunate to find a table right away. We were seated promptly and a waitress greeted us, took our drink order and brought us some popcorn which was delicious.Crafted

After munching on popcorn, I got to enjoy my Corndog and Poutine. The Corndog was delicious and full of flavor. I was happy that it was not too greasy and that it did not have too much cornbread batter on in. The Corndog was served with pickled jalapeño-cucumber relish and ketchup. I wish the ketchup was served on the side just like the relish because I felt that the corndog had too much ketchup for my taste and I did not even try the jalapeño relish.Crafted

The Poutine was decadent and very filing! It was perfect! It was also a large portion especially for a Snack menu offering and for the price of $8. My husband throughly enjoyed the Roasted Garlic Hummus. He said that the hummus was great and that it had a subtle onion and garlic flavor.Crafted

For dessert I had the Mexican Chocolate Terrine. It was unbelievable! I loved the combination of the chocolate ganache and the crushed peanuts. I did not eat the entire dessert as it was very rich.Crafted

Overall, my husband and I enjoyed our dining experience at Crafted. The food was great, the service was average as the food took just too long to be ready, the atmosphere was good, and unfortunately the seating was uncomfortable. I was sitting on a wooden bench which was tiring and my husband was sitting on a metal chair. We ended up rushing diner towards the end because of the uncomfortable seating.

Crafted is a unique restaurant and such a wonderful addition to the Greensboro dining scene. The food creations are remarkably distinctive but still appeal to a broad range of food preferences. Both my husband and I were surprised at the dollar value that the restaurant offers. For instance, my dessert cost only $5 and by the taste and presentation, it could commend a substantially higher price.

Will my husband and I go back to Crafted? Absolutely! It was a fun, good food place to hangout. I told my husband it reminds me of a Applebees but with delicious, innovative food, which is  prepared with fresh and local ingredients, with more upbeat decor and a lot more personality. My husband said that he is amazed the Chef Kris’s genius and the ability to take ingredients and make them taste so good!

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