Dos and Don’ts of A Successful Girls Weekend

Have you ever wanted a girls weekend but never took on the adventure? Follow these Dos and Don’ts that I have learned and you will have a successful girls weekend. Last month I’ve enjoyed the third annual get together with my girlfriends and it was so much fun that, towards the end of the weekend, we found ourselves feverishly planning our next year’s getaway.

girls weekend
In the 1950s, housewives used to get household appliances demonstrations

Do Pick A Theme

A theme makes the weekend more fun and therefore, a success. Last year my girlfriends and I had a Warfare theme for our weekend, so this year, we chose a 1950s Proper Housewife theme. We dressed up in fit and flare dresses with a 50s allure, styled our hair and practiced gracefulness. Keeping in tone with our theme, we talked about our favorite and least favorite house chores, shopping for household items such as sheets and towels, raising children and marital issues.

Do Have Plenty of Sugary Treats

Life is always better with sugar! Can you imagine girl time with no dessert? That would be dangerous! Make sure you have cake or ice cream, cookies or all of the above. My girlfriends and I bought a dozen cupcakes to share. It was wonderful to enjoy the yummy cupcakes while chatting away. When you have your girlfriends around you and a cupcake in your hand, life is perfect!

girls weekend
Look how happy Elizabeth is with that cupcake in her hand. I’m giving her the stink eye over the cupcakes

Do Take Some Risks

Risky situations make for memorable memories. This year my girlfriends and I put our husbands at risk by asking them to grade us as a wife according to 1950s standards. Hesitantly our husbands completed the grading test knowing they are risking it big time awarding us points on questions such as “A good cook – has balanced meals” or “Laughs at husband’s jokes and his clowning.” In reality, we, as the wives, took a risk, too, by asking our husbands to fill out the questioner because sometimes it’s better not to know the truth. Have you ever wondered how you would score as a 1950s wife? Here is the test for your enjoyment.

girls weekend
This is the test my husband completed. I got a 63. Can you believe I lost 5 points for wearing red nail polish?!

Do Take Lots of Pictures

How wonderful it is going to be to look over your pictures, long after the weekend is over, and remember the fun times! So grab a camera and snap as many pics as you can. I often imagine myself in my old age, in a rocking chair, looking over my girls weekend pictures and reminiscing over the sweet times and laughing over the silly memories. 

girls weekend
Posing for a candid shot, cigarette at hand… Btw, we had a tripod to help us with group pictures and put the camera on timer

Do Plan Fun Activities

How can you have a fun weekend without some fun activities? Find a few activities that fit your theme. Jodi and I enjoyed a card game while waiting for the other ladies and we had an outing for tea at Calabash Garden Tea Room, the most quaint setting you can imagine. Calabash Garden Tea Room features a shabby chic decor and serves an amazing assortment of teas and the most delicious sandwiches and desserts. The freshly baked scones are something to write home about.

girls weekend
Tea at the Calabash Garden Tea Room

Don’t Over-Schedule Your Day

While fun activities are important, don’t plan every minute of your weekend because what do we, ladies, like to do most? Sit around and chat! It was wonderful during my weekend to wake up at a slow pace, sit on the deck overlooking the ocean and sip on coffee while chatting with my girlfriends. Only around noon we were ready to start our daily activities. Sitting around with your girlfriends, chatting, is the quintessence of a girls weekend so make sure you balance activities with time for “just to talk.”

girls weekend
Doesn’t Jodi look like an ad from the 1950s?

Don’t Over Share

It is okay to protect some personal information even with your closest friends. I agree that secrets, worries and life goals are shared among close girlfriends but some secrets are meant to remain secrets. Remember, the first rule of keeping a secret is: If you wish someone to keep a secret, first keep it yourself. However, beyond the issue of privacy, some issues are too close to your heart that sharing too much can leave you feeling as if you shared too much of your life and therefore, overly exposed. No one likes that day-after feeling that you overshared. A girls weekend is meant to be fun so give away some information about yourself in order to feel closer to your girlfriends but know the limits.

girls weekend
Look how happy I am to clean! Perfectly appointed hair, high heels and a smile on my face. House work is bliss…!

Don’t Stay Up Much Past Your Bedtime

The reality is, if you’ve been skipping on sleep over the weekend, you’re going to drag on Monday when it’s time to go back to real life’s routine. So as much fun as it may be to stay up late and gossip with the girlfriends, go to bed no later than 30 minutes past your regular bedtime. Plus, it’s important to take plenty of sleep to look well and rested for pictures. During my first weekend together with my friends, I stayed up late into the night, which was fun, but I found myself exhausted at the end of the weekend. This year I went to bed at my normal time and I felt great throughout the day and I was ready to take on the world when I was back to work on Monday.

girls weekend
Let’s be real: this is how I actually look if someone asked me to do housework.

There you have all the dos and don’ts for your successful girls weekend. Go ahead, you’re now ready to embark on your fun getaway. Enjoy your weekend of fun, relaxation and friendship!

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