Eze, France – A Must on Your Travel Bucket List

In August 2014, I took a day trip to the medieval village of Eze, France, while staying in Monte-Carlo. Eze idyllically sits on top of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is quintessential to the French Riviera. My visit there became a memory I will cherish a lifetime that’s why I highly recommend that you add Eze to your travel bucket list.

eze france
Visiting the medieval village of Eze

The Setting of Eze

The village of Eze is a charming tourist spot with quaint houses, small, winding roads on the edge of the mountain. I was mesmerized as soon as the taxi driver approached the village. We were dropped off at Le Chateau de la Chèvre D’Or, a luxury hotel in the village since we had lunch reservations at Les Remparts, a restaurant at the hotel.

eze france
The village sits on top of a mountain overlooking the sea

Le Chateau de la Chèvre D’Or

Le Chateau is unlike any hotel I have seen. It is built entirely unto the side of the mountain so the views of the Mediterranean are unbelievable. As you walk on pathways decorated with lush gardens, the mountain stretches up on one side and the sea unfolds on the other side right bellow your feet. You can see beauty at every turn.

eze france
Le Chateau de la Chevre D’Or, a luxury hotel in the village

Les Remparts

Lunch at Les Remparts was a dream. At my request, when I made the reservation, we had a table at the edge of the terrace so the views of the Mediterranean were so incredible that they can still bring tears to my eyes up to this day. Imagine sitting in 70 degree low-humidity weather on the terrace of a French restaurant grazing over the Mediterranean, which is sprinkled with luxurious yachts, and enjoying a slow, leisurely 3-hour lunch.

eze france
The restaurant overlooked the sea.

The food was delicious. I had – of course- the lobster; I’m always an expensive date. For dessert I had a perfectly appointed, dainty dessert with hazelnut flavor which was heaven in every bite.

eze france
After lunch we visited more of the hotel. It was so hard to walk around because you felt like you’re going to start falling and roll down the mountain all the way down to the sea

Top of the World

After lunch, since we didn’t visit much of the village upon arrival, my husband and my friends wanted to walk to the top of the village. I decided to wait for them at the gate of the hotel doing some people watching because, even though were already so high on the mountain, the top of the village was even higher and I am not fond of heights. Nonetheless, I gave my husband my camera and asked him to take pictures once he reached the top so I can still get a glimpse of the views from the top of the world.

Eze France
That is very high, trully breathtaking

I cherish my visit to Eze as one of the best days of my life. It was a beautiful spot with beautiful company and perfect weather. From Eze, we took a cab and took a car ride down the mountain and along the coast before returning to Monte-Carlo. I and so looking forward to my next vacation to the South of France and Eze!

eze france
Such quaint little streets and houses. Notice the flower pots decorating the homes.

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