Southern Lights – Restaurant Review

On Tuesday night my husband and I had a date night dinner at Southern Lights Bistro. Southern Lights features innovative American seasonal cuisine and classical staples such as Fried Chicken and Meat Loaf. The atmosphere was conducive for a relaxed dinner and the service was great, just a bit slow towards the end.

After we ordered our dinner, the waitress asked us if we wanted some bread. I replied yes. The bread was warm, fresh and good. I wish the bread looked more roasted. Just looking at it, you had the impression that the bread has not been baked long enough. Southern Lights

My husband has been on a diet for a few months now and was not too hungry so he ordered the Hummus Plate from Appetizers. I had the Grilled Chicken Pita along with the Mediterranean salad. Southern Lights

The Hummus Plate was beautifully presented at the table. The dish included along the hummus toasted pita bread, olives, red onion, diced tomatoes and banana peppers. It was a delight to look at it. My husband said that it tasted good but not as good as the hummus he had last week at Crafted. Southern Lights

I throughly enjoyed my Grilled Chicken Pita. I was so happy that, since my husband and I were on date night, the sauce did not have garlic flavor. The chicken was tasty and was cooked just right. My entree came with a side, which I declined and asked for the Mediterranean Salad instead. Looking at the salad I was not impressed. When the waitress brought my the salad I sort of regretted I did not get the Caesar salad but then I started to eat… oh, well, that was one tasty dish! I loved the combination of the Chicken Pita with the Mediterranean salad. The flavors blended well and the food was fresh and tasty. I wish the pita bread was less toasted since it was a challenging to cut it with a knife. Southern Lights

For dessert I had the most decadent offering on the menu, it was the night’s feature: Cherry White Chocolate Bread Pudding. It took a bit long to get the dessert but it was worth the wait. It was so delicious! I could not eat the entire portion, which now I regret thinking about it, but I did enjoy every bite I took. I loved the dessert that it was not to sugary and it was not too moist nor too dry. It was one of the best bread pudding I ever had if not maybe the best!Southern Lights

My husband and I recommend Southern Lights for a enjoyable dinner. The restaurant, besides the main dinning room and bar, also features an outdoor patio which would make for wonderful dinner and conversation.

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