The Venetian, Las Vegas – 20 Things You Should Know

On July 2016, I spent 4 days at the Venetian, Las Vegas, a mega resort casino complex. It was my husband’s choice to staying at the Venetian because the casino was hosting a poker tournament and my husband has an avid addiction for poker only to be complemented by my addiction for shoes. During my stay at the Venetian, I’ve learned 20 things that are note worthy:

1. The Venetian is the world’s second largest hotel. The Venetian along with the Sans Expo Convention Center and the Palazzo Hotel and Casino is the world’s largest second hotel! Everything is on a grand scale at the Venetian. The standard Venetian suite is about double the size of the average Las Vegas hotel room and has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “largest standard hotel room in the world.”The Venetian

2. The Venetian is a mega casino complex. The Venetian and Palazzo consists of more than 2.3 million square feet of meeting space, 1 million square feet or retails space, over 30 restaurants, a 120,000-square foot casino and much more.

3. The Venetian has it ALL under one roof. You can spend your entire Las Vegas vacation without leaving the premises of the Venetian. Everything you want from gambling, shopping, dining, entertainment is all under one roof! A few years ago during another 4-day stay at the Venetian, I arrived at the hotel and I didn’t see daylight until I got a cab to go back to the airpot to fly back home.

4. Casino. The 120,000 square foot casino can keep even the most avid gambler entertained for hours on end as long as one can afford it… The Venetian casino offers table games (such as Craps, Mississippi Stub, Let It Ride, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Blackjack and much more), slot machines, a Poker Room for daily cash games and tournaments such as the DeepStack Extravaganza.

5. Spa. Keeping in tone with “the world largest,” The Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian is one of the largest day spas in the world. It measures 134,000 square feet and features more than 150 services, over 90 treatment rooms, and a relaxing and unique Aquavana lounge. A few hours at the Spa are worth just for the Aquavana experience.

6. Endless dining. One of my biggest frustrations, while staying at the Venetian is that there are too many restaurants that it’s impossible for me to eat at all of them. Celebrity chefs such as Emeril Bagasse, Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck and many more, offer a variety of cuisines from seafood, steakhouses, Asian, French, Italian and just about anything your heart desires.

7. Endless shopping. You can spend several days shopping at the over 160 luxury boutiques and specialty brands at Grand Canal Shoppes and you can still keep on shopping. The architecture of the Grand Canal Shoppes resembles Venice’s Grand Canal.The Venetian

8. Entertainment. The entertainment options at the Venetian do not disappoint. From cabaret and comedy shows, rock and country, to special events such as An Evening with Al Pacino, the Venetian has it all!

9. Stunning architecture and design. The Venetian is designed in the spirit of Venice, Italy. My favorite part is the Grand Canal Shoppes which resemble Venice’s Grand Canal. It is a wonderful design illusion to stroll along cobbled walkways, street cafes and live entertainment, while still actually being on the second floor of a casino complex. To top it off, there is an actual gondola canal along the side of the streets with a painted sky that keeps you wondering if you’re outside or still inside…The Venetian

The Venetian is everything Las Vegas has to offer on a grand and luxurious scale. However, there are some negative issues that I encountered and I need to underline:

10. The first morning, I had to wait 40 minutes for breakfast even though I called for room service at 6:40am!

11. The hotel rooms do not include slippers in their amenities even though I stayed in the Piazza Suite.

12. There is a facial tissue box on the vanity table located in the bedroom but there are no facial tissues in the bathroom.

13. The phones and the TV remotes were dusty.

14. The Venetian does not have a bellman to greet you, open the door to your car and take your luggage and deliver it to your room upon arrival.

15. Upon arrival I asked housekeeping for 50 hangers to unpack my clothes but they told me they could only find 30 hangers!?… How could you not find 50 extra hangers in the entire resort? You’re the second largest resort in the world!!

16. Upon checking in, there is no person to take you up to your room, explain the features of the room and check to see if you have any other questions or needs.

17. The Venetian features a minimal concierge desk.

18. There is no electronic no disturb sign for the hotel door. You still have to manually hang the paper notice on the door handle.

19. There is no turndown service to get the bed ready for nighttime, leave the slippers by the side of your bed, close the curtains, turn the lights down, turn the TV or music on and leave a small treat by the nightstand.

20. The Venetian offers luxury accommodations but not 5 star accommodations. At the Venetian, you will enjoy an all-suite, spacious resort, fabulous shopping, indulgent dining but it lacks those fine details that make a hotel a true luxury resort.

Will I stay at the Venetian again? Yes, I will because I was always comfortable whenever I stayed there. Is the Venetian my first choice for a Las Vegas hotel? No, it is not but again if my husband needs to stay there because of a poker tournament, I know I will have a great vacation despite the lack of small luxury details.

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© Isabella Adkins – 2016

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