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A few weeks ago, during a phone conversation with my husband, feeling grateful for the wonderful life he had provided me and for the love he had for me in his heart, I asked him what he wanted from me as a thank you. He replied that he wanted me not to change and to be a happy wife not a wife who constantly complained. Those were such simple sounding requests that I had to wonder if there was anything else that my husband would want.what men want

What do men want?… I agree with my husband that a man wants his wife to remain unchanged and to be happy but I need to add that men also want the freedom to be men and of course, lots of sex.

1. Men Want Their Wives Not to Change

When your “men” met you, beyond physical attraction, a set of basic character and personality traits attracted him to you and gave him the comfort to “put his guard down” and fall in love with you. This set of traits differ from couple to couple, but whatever they are, men want these traits to remain unchanged for the life of the relationship.

From the beginning my husband cherished that I viewed him as head of household and that I modeled my home life after a traditional division of responsibilities. For instance, it is my responsibility to have dinner ready every night. My husband doesn’t care if I cooked or if I did takeout but having dinner ready has always been my responsibility. His responsibility has been to provide enough money so I can have dinner on the table.

I trust my husband’s ability to lead and to make the right decisions for our household. I don’t undermine or debate every decision that he makes. These basic rules have ruled our relationship from the beginning and has kept most of our marriage uncomplicated and conflict free.

2. Men Want A Happy Wife

Men want to come home to a wife who is happy and appreciates them, not to a wife who nags and complains. My husband is a wonderful person but, as any human, he has his faults.

There is always a positive in every “negative” or area of improvement a man needs. Men do no like to be criticized because they take criticism as them not being good enough. Instead men love to be appreciated and to be told how great they are.

3. Men Want the Freedom to Be Men

What does being a man mean?

– Men want to watch serial killer movies
– Men want their favorite sports team not beat but annihilate the competition
– Men want to look at beautiful women without feeling they are doing something wrong
– Men want to watch a fight when it happens
– Men want to hand their plate to their wife to take to the kitchen
– Men want to feel in charge of their home
– Men want alone time; the desire of alone time is a characteristic of a true leader, who pounder on his own at length analyzing problems and solutions
– Men need time to be with other men because emotionally men communicate differently.
– Men want to feel independent.

4. Men Want Lots of Sex…

Theres no need to elaborate on this topic…


Men are simple and easy to make happy: a smile, a steady home life with lots of sex, and being left alone to roam in freedom. One of the reasons I love being a woman is because men are so easy to figure out. I cannot even imagine being on the other side trying to figure out what women want… good luck with that…

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I often used to say that my life is about what I want, what I need, what makes me happy. I was proud to be self-centered. However, one of the reasons God created us is for each of us to become the best person God intended for us to be. So God changed my life in such a way to make me realize that life is about what God wants, what God needs, what makes God happy. Today I am so grateful and humbled for God’s intervention to help me gain in wisdom. Read more in the About Me page.

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